The Brésil-Nordeste team

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David :I lived in Brazil when I was young and I love it.
A few years ago, when my family decided to spend time on the beach for holidays, a friend told me : «  I have a friend who rents her house on a wonderful beach ».
So I called her and we arrived in Fortaleza... these were wonderful holidays.
Now, there are many friends of mine on the beaches of Brazil. I enjoy offering their houses for renting.


Leandro :I was born in Aracati, near the beaches and the cliffs of Ceara.
I practise Kite-surfing and many of my friends own houses and rooms for renting.
When David asked me : « what about making a catalogue of renting ? » I was amazed: « this is a wonderful idea. Come on in Brazil and stay in a friend's house. »